CSR 2008/09





“Corporate Social Responsibility (2008-2009)”


  • As part of BOK’s commitment, financial contribution made to HRDC (Hospital for Rehabilitation and Disabled Centre)
  • Provided fund for conducting HIV/AIDS awareness programme in schools of Dailekh, Kalikot and Jumla
  • Financial support to 3 reduction P.L.H.A groups for helping HIV/ AIDS infected children


  • Collection of fund by BOK staff (1 day basic salary) for the support of Koshi Flood Victims
  • Financial support to Koshi flood victims through Save the Children
  • Financial support to student’s summit regarding earthquake safety
  • Support to Central Zoo with the placement of information boards for all existing animals cage
  • Restoration and maintenance of historical and religious sites – Kamal Pokhari and Nag Pokhari


  • Financial support by purchasing tickets for the fund raising event organised by Save The children for purchasing classroom and learning materials to two government managed Early Childhood Development(ECD) Centres in Kathmandu


  • Participated and provided fund for TEWA walkathon for the support of rural women and their organisation in their development initiatives
  • Financial Support to National Women’s Social Forum (WOREC)
  • Distribution of Food and clothing to the victims of broken Bheri bridge through the Mehalkuna Festival , Surkhet