BOK Chetansil Yuwa Bachat Yojana

Chetansil Yuwa Bachat Yojana

BOK Chetansil Yuwa Bachat Yojana (CYBY) is a saving scheme designed in relation to “Youth Save Project”. The project which aims to promote financial inclusion and youth development is a worldwide pilot project being launched in four different countries i.e. Kenya, Columbia, Ghana and Nepal. The project commenced in 2011 will end formally on June, 2014. BOK Chetansil Yuwa Bachat Yojana intends to increase financial access to lower income youth segment of age between 10 to 22 years and create awareness on savings. Under the corporate social responsibility notion, this product has been designed as a saving tool of the financial education package. The product will enable the segment to practice financial learning through the educational programs/events, field based visits/awareness programs/presentations led by project partner, Save the Children (SC) and its other partner NGOs and with participation of relevant BOK staffs.

  • Minimum balance- NPR 100
  • For deposit / withdrawal
- Customers can deposit any amount feasible for them whereas in case of withdrawal, any amount except the minimum balance requirement can be withdrawn from their account.

- Parents / guardians as a custodian of minor will be required for withdrawal in case of youth account holders (age 10 to 15 years without citizenship certificate). However, the child’s presence and his/her signature in every deposit and withdrawal are compulsory.

  • Customer Identity card will be provided for free
  • Withdrawal slip will be provided for free
  • Service at Aggregation points like school on periodic basis (available at certain branches only)
  • Financial education to youth

For Dassain/Tihar up to 15th Poush 2070
  • Cash incentive of NPR 133.33 at the time of account opening for those opening new accounts
  • For those who already have opened accounts, NPR 133.33 is deposited as and when they make deposits

Introductory gift
  • For minors: A lockable piggy bank for free of cost
  • For majors: Option of either a lockable piggy bank for free or a Visa debit card free

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