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You can buy/sell Bank drafts drawn on/by different international banks at Bank of Kathmandu. Bank of Kathmandu has strong foothold in the issuance U.S. Dollars and Indian Rupees Bank Drafts. The draft drawing arrangements of Bank of Kathmandu with other banks are:

  • Indian Currency Draft Drawing Arrangement
  • Foreign Currency Draft Drawing Arrangement
Bank of Kathmandu Limited can draw INR drafts on the following Banks' Branches in India.
Indian Rupees
American Express Bank Ltd. - 4 Locations in India
Citibank N.A. - 9 Locations in India
Standard Chartered Bank - 10 Locations in India
Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited - 12 Locations in India
Centurion Bank Ltd. - 36 Locations in India
ICICI Bank Ltd. - over 125 Locations in India

Bank of Kathmandu Limited can draw Foreign Currency drafts in United States Dollars, Euro Currency and Sterling Pound, on the following Banks.

U.S. Dollars
American Express Bank Ltd., New York, U.S.A.
Bank of China, New York Branch, New York

American Express Bank GmbH, Frankfurt Germany

HSBC Bank PLC, London, U.K.

For further information, please contact the branch of Bank of Kathmandu near you

Banking Locations (Download the location in Acrobat PDF format)
SCB (INDIA) Branch Locations
AMEX INDIA DD Drawing Locations
ICICI BANK DD Drawing Locations
HDFC Bank Locations
CITIBANK, DD Payment Locations

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As on December 19, 2014
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