Development Credit Unit (DCU)

The goal of Development Credit is to provide quality financial services to marginalized groups and poorer sections of society through intermediaries e.g. Micro Finance Institutions, Co-operatives, Financial Intermediary Non Governmental Organizations, Development Banks, Community Based Organizations and other registered organizations.


  • General Micro Finance
    This product has been devised for financing general micro finance loans to clients through partner institutions involved in offering Micro Finance services.

    A micro finance loan is defined as a loan used for various income generating activities including, but not limited to, purchase of livestock, loans for mini-grocery stores, vegetable loans, etc. Non-income generating loans such as installing bio-gas units shall also be availed but only with prior approval from Bank of Kathmandu.

  • Agriculture and Forest Based Product Loan:
    The product has been devised to allow farmers, agricultural cooperatives, community forest user groups and other registered institutions engaged in producing and processing agricultural and forest based products to have access to finance for funding working capital requirements, plantation expenditures and purchasing livestock and accessories.

  • Equpment Finance:
    The product aims to finance the cost of equipments of various purposes to individuals, groups and institutions operating Small and Medium Enterprises with an objective to raise income in rural and urban areas of Nepal.

  • Vehicle and Accessories Finance:
    The product has been devised for financing vehicles and vehicle related accessories to self-employed low income earning entrepreneurs. Loans will be of a Hire Purchase and on an owner-driver concept.

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