Understanding M-PAISA under Hello Paisa Platform

M-PAISA under Hello Paisa platform

  • M-PAISA is an innovative mobile banking solution which is being re-launched in partnership with Hello Paisa platform. Under M-PAISA, users can use their mobile phones to…
    • Transfer money to anyone (Any telecom SIM user, Any Bank customer under Hello Paisa platform and even those who are not registered)
    • Request money from friends/family
    • Direct air time top-up for himself or for anyone else
    • Pay registered merchant for goods purchased
    • Check balance of bank account/mobile account
    • PULL money from bank account/PUSH money into bank account
    • Pay for utility bills such as NTC post-paid, Landline bill and more
  • Each service under M-PAISA will need verification (PIN) from user. User will also receive an SMS notification for each and every transaction.
  • To use any service under M-PAISA user needs to
    • type a specific set of syntax as an SMS and send it to 3650, receive system generated call (Interactive Voice Response), follow the instructions and receive confirmation SMS

    • ‘OR’

    • go to Hello Paisa app ( free download for android phone, iPhone, windows phone or any other java enabled phone), click/tap desired service list which will automatically initiate SMS to3650, receive system generated call (Interactive Voice Response), follow the instructions and receive confirmation SMS

Mobile Account...

  • Mobile Account is a transactional account provided to each registered user of M-PAISA which
    • can be used to save money like normal bank account and earn applicable interest
    • has maximum transaction limit (per transaction/daily/monthly limit)
    • can be accessed only through SIM/mobile phone registered during account opening
    • is used to conduct all the financial transactions (except account to account transfer of course!)

Please remember...

  • Don’t disclose your PIN number to anyone.
  • If no IVR call is received, no transaction happens (except in case of Cash-in, where just confirmation SMS is received)
  • In case of delay in receiving confirmation SMS, wait for few minutes and ensure you have proper network coverage.
  • Call customer service/ Call center (01-4427398) for solution if confusion persists.
  • You can visit http://www.hellopaisa.com.np/downloads/ for downloading Hello Paisa App for your mobile phone.

Terminologies that are used often...

  • P2P – Person to person money transfer (from one Mobile account to another mobile account)
  • A2A – Account to account money transfer (from one bank account to other bank account)
  • Push/Pull – Push money into bank account/pull money from bank account
  • Self top-up/buddy to-pup – Air time recharge for self/ Air time recharge for buddy/friend
  • OTP – One Time Password which is generated during customer sign up
  • Cash-in – Depositing money into one’s mobile account
  • Cash-out – Withdrawing money from one’s mobile account
  • SVA – Store Value Account which is also called mobile account


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