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To meet both the long term and short term capital needs of individuals and small & micro institutions involved in the sector.

  • Overdraft
  • Term Loan

  • Individuals
  • Registered user groups / farm / firm / company / institution / organization / cooperative engaged in agricultural and forest related activities.

  • Minimum age of the applicant - 18 Years
  • Maximum age of the applicant - 65 Years. Guarantor should be included for applicant’s age above 60 years. The guarantor should be from one house family member and his/her age should not be over 55 years.

  • Minimum loan size - NPR 400,001/-
  • Maximum loan size - NPR 10,000,000/-
  • Maximum loan size in case of individual - NPR 1,000,000/-

  • Overdraft on regular and revolving basis valid up to one year and subject to renewal.
  • Term loan maximum up to 5 years (Exclusive of Moratorium Period, maximum up to 1 year depending upon the nature of fixed assets financing).
  • The loan is repayable in Equated Monthly Installment (EMI), Equated Quarterly Installment (EQI) or bullet (flexible) repayment with periodical interest payment as per the nature and cash flow of the applicant and crop season.

  • Loan Application.
  • Photograph and citizenship of the applicant/guarantor, in case of individual applicant.
  • Photograph and citizenship of proprietor/ partners / members of Board of Directors / Committee members, key person in case of user group, farm, firm, company, institution, organization, cooperative, as applicable.
  • Location map of the applicant’s/guarantor’s residence.
  • Certificate of registration (renewed) and PAN, in case of user group, farm, firm, company, cooperatives, institutions, organization, as applicable.
  • Board minute (where applicable).
  • Latest audited/provisional financial report in case of user group, farm, firm, company, cooperative, institution, organization. Self-declared financial statement in case of individual.
  • Details of income earned from other sources than the proposed project (where applicable).
  • Business plan with projection for tenure period of the loan.(where applicable)
  • Original Land Ownership Certificate (Lal Purja) of the property being offered as collateral.
  • Four boundary certificate.
  • Latest land /land and building revenue receipt.
  • Document issued by government offices i.e. Land revenue office/municipalities/VDCs substantiating value of property being offered as collateral in case of thado rokka.
  • In case of providing loan against building within the Municipality, documents certifying fulfillment of required standards set by the competent authority such as Naksapass, required approval from concerned authorities, building construction completion certificate should be obtained.
  • Pro-forma invoice in case of purchase of plant, machinery and agricultural equipment.
  • Formal agreement between the Bank and partner institute in case of joint collaboration.
  • Recommendation letter from partner institute, in case of financing through joint collaboration.

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