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DCU is a direct lending granted to the deprived yet emerging sectors of the country.

Nepal Rastra Bank, the central bank of the country allocates a 5% loan of total lending to these sectors. Their types are:

  • Mahila Udhyamshil Karja :- This product is specially designed to provide loan to women entrepreneurs to supports its existing/new business activities for short term period. Main purpose of this loan is to part finance fixed & working capital requirement to accelerate entrepreneurial activities initiated or undertaken by the females.
  • Kisan Karja :-  The purpose of the loan is to provide credit facility to individual farmers on terminating basis for meeting the working capital or/and fixed capital requirement for various agriculture related activities such as livestock farming, fishery, purchase of equipment’s, construction of agricultural storage/water mill, construction of low cost housing etc.
  • Baidesik Rojgar Karja :- This loan can be availed by the individual or his/her family members who have been migrated abroad for employment (other than India) to meet his personal debt obligation. At least one inward remittance received in the account maintained by the applicant with the Bank.
  • Small Enterprises Loan :- This product has been structured for providing financial assistance for meeting capital need of self-employed, professionals & small business entities to part finance fixed & current assets that will support business operation.
  • Agriculture Business Loan :- The loan product is specifically targeted at agro-businesses & aims to meet both long term & short term funding requirement. Loan can be availed by the individual & registered firm/Company/institution/cooperative engaged in agricultural forest related activities.
  • Renewal Energy Loan :- This Product has been structured for financing the equipment's project facilities generating source of renewal energy such as Bio Gas, Wind energy, Hydro Energy, Solar Energy or any forms of renewal energy.
  • BOK Kissan Sajilo Khetipati Karja:- The purpose of the loan is to provide revolving credit facility to individual farmers to purchase agricultural inputs.
  • Wholesale Lending:- This product is targeted at small local financial institutions (FIs) such as cooperatives and microfinance institutions (MFIs), which are involved in providing small-scale loans to low-income people. BOK provides wholesale loans to the FIs/MFIs/Cooperatives and they in turn provide the loan to its members. Such wholesale loans are provided based on the institutional guarantee of such FIs/MFIs.

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