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  1. Commercial Agricultural Loan up to NPR 100 Mio 
  2. Self-Employment Loan for Educated Youth up to NPR 1 Mio
  3. Textile Ind Loan up to NPR 50 Mio
  4. Project Loan for Foreign Employment return Youth up to NPR 1 Mio.
  5. Women Entrepreneurship Loan up to NPR 1.5 Mio
  6. Business Development Loan for Dalit Community up to NPR 1 Mio
  7. Education Loan for Higher/Technical/Professional Studies up to NPR 0.5 Mio
  8. Loan for Training from CTEVT certified institutions up to NPR 0.2 Mio
  9. Youth Self-Employment Loan up to NPR 0.5 Mio
  • Subsidized interest rate   
  • Minimal Documentation  
  • Project can be financed 
  • Emphasizes in new business 
  • Quick processing & prompt approval

  • OD limit/ Term loan can be availed 
  • No hidden cost/processing fees 
  • No prepayment charges 

  • Loan size as per NRB directives 
  • Flexible repayment options up to 5 years in case of term loan for availing subsidy interest amount 

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