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For providing loan to women entrepreneurs for part financing fixed and working capital need of their existing/new business venture or activities.

  • Short Term Loan

  • Be a Female Nepali Citizen over 18 years to 60 years of age
  • Be an existing female deposit customer availing any of the saving deposit products of the Bank and have the account solely operated by her.
  • Have a running business or business plan agreeable/acceptable to the bank for financing.
  • Have assured revenue source to meet the EMI/EQI due under the loan facility.

  • Should be over 18 years of age but not have exceeded 60 years at the time of availing of credit facility. Guarantor is needed for applicant exceeding the age of 55 years; such guarantor should not be over 55 years of age and should be from one house family member.

  • Minimum loan - NPR 50,000/-
  • Maximum loan - NPR 400,000/-

  • Maximum 3 years.

  • Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) or Equated Quarterly Installment (EQI) basis.

  • Loan Application.
  • Copy of Citizenship Certificate of the applicant / guarantor.
  • Applicant /Guarantor photograph.
  • Map of the applicants’/guarantor’s residence.
  • Renewed firm and tax registration documents.
  • Financial / Income / Revenue related documents relating to applicant and/or one house family.
  • Documents relating to business expansion plan if any.
  • Real Estate Security related documents that include ownership, photograph of the property from all four sides, blue print, four boundaries certificate, land revenue tax clearance etc. and in case of building, related documents such as Naksapass, required approval from concerned authorities, building construction completion certificate, etc. to be submitted.
  • A document issued by an appropriate government office i.e. Land Revenue Office /Municipality / VDC indicating value of the property being offered as security.
  • Detail of guarantor, documents establishing relationship, proof of citizenship and age, occupation and income, photograph and other relevant information as required by the bank. (as applicable)

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