Forex Rates

Currency Code Unit Cash Below Deno 50 Cash (Deno 50 and above) and Non Cash Selling
US Dollar USD 1 119.05 119.65 120.25
Euro EUR 1 140.19 140.9 142.94
British Pound GBP 1 155.54 156.32 158.27
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M Paisa

BOK customers can enjoy Mpaisa, our Mobile (SMS) banking service at your fingertip and perform a number of financial and non-financial transactions.


Documents required:

  • Operation of mobile account
  • Balance inquiry
  • Mini statement
  • Transfer of funds to accounts of BOK and partner Financial Institutions (All Financial Institutions under Hello Paisa network)
  • Bill payment facilities such as NTC- prepaid and postpaid top up, Ncell-prepaid and postpaid topup, NTC landline payment, ADSL payment and Dish Home payments
  • Payments to merchants/agents against purchase and consumption of goods/services
  • Cash in and cash out
    • 1. Individual/Joint account holders: Application form to subscribe M-Paisa. In case of joint account holders, a written mandate of account holder/s authorizing a person to operate the service is required.
    • Corporate account holders: A copy of board resolution mandating a designated person to operate the service should be provided.
    • Proprietorship account holders: Application form along with request in company’s letterhead to subscribe the service should be provided.
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