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Small Business Finance

To facilitate factory set-up or infrastructure enhancement activities and/or working capital financing, trade financing and non- funded facility to manufacturing, trading, service and productive sector involved in small commercial business activities.


  • The applicant should be a firm / company.
  • Proprietor/owner or key person of the business should have at least 2 years experiences in similar/related business.
  • In case of fixed assets financing:
    • For Existing Unit: Concerned unit should have one year successful / profitable operation history with positive income/cash flow.
    • For New Unit: Existing business venture/s of the ownership/group having at least one year profitable operation history with sustainable income/cash flow.

Loan Type

  • Fund based
    • Working Capital/Import & Export Finance
    • Term Loan for Fixed Assets Financing
  • Non-Fund based
    • Letter of Credit
    • Bank Guarantee

Loan Amount

  • Loan amount ≤ NPR 10,000,000/- (Nepalese rupees ten million only).
  • In case of fixed assets financing, minimum loan to be NPR 350,000/- (Nepalese rupees three hundred fifty thousand only).

Repayment / Tenure

  • In case of working capital financing & trade financing
    • Revolving, subject to annual review.
  • In case of fixed assets financing
    • Maximum 7 years (including principal moratorium period of 6 months) on terminating basis with fixed repayment arrangement.
    • The loan is repayable in Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) or Equated Quarterly Installment (EQI).

Basic Documentation

  • Loan application.
  • Map of the applicants’ residence / firm or company site.
  • Photograph and copy of citizenship of the proprietor / partners / directors / guarantor/s / key person (where applicable).
  • Renewed Firm/Company registration certificate.
  • License to conduct the business, where applicable.
  • PAN and latest tax paid receipt.
  • Copy of MOA and AOA and board minute permitting bank borrowing in case of Private Limited.
  • Title Deed, four boundary certificate, trace map, revenue receipt of land or land and building offered as collateral. In case of loan for construction of building or loan against building as a security within Municipality, documents certifying fulfillment of required standards set by the competent authority such as Naksapass, approval from concerned authorities, building construction completion certificate should be obtained.
  • Audited Financial Statement / Projected Financial Statements, as applicable.
  • In case of working capital financing, latest sales turnover statement (> 12 months) or in case of new venture projected sales turnover statement (Minimum 1 year).
  • In case of fixed asset financing, estimated cost of the project, quotations, expert’s assessment of the project and projection up to the project span.
  • In case of loan against cash or near cash securities, FD receipt/ /Government Bond Certificate (as applicable).
  • Document/statement evidencing experience of the Owner, Guarantor or Key Person.
  • Documents / statements indicating settlement of loan and certification of loan in Pass Category from existing Banks/ Financial Institutions, as applicable.
  • No Objection Letter from Banks/ Financial Institutions, as applicable.
  • Borrower’s details and borrower’s declaration.
  • Net worth Statement of applicant’s and guarantors.
  • Other documents as decided by the management from time to time.
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